About HLC
Hankuck Latices
Corporate Management
Hankuck Latices Co., Ltd. (HLC) has been researching, developing, producing, and selling additives for the Korean domestic and international water-based paint and paper coating industry for over twenty years.

Following stringent operating principles, HLC develops new production processes and products using environmentally friendly methods, constantly increases reliability to domestic and global customers through ever improving services, promotes the welfare of employees and their families, and encourages social responsibility through profit generation.
Development of Environmentally-Friendly Products
As they don't contain any solvents, water based paints are environmentally friendly products. At HLC, we supply the raw materials necessary for the creation of such paints by producing water based paint additives that include Opaque Polymers, HASE Thickener, HEUR Thickener, Dispersants, and Binder Emulsions. Additionally, we have been developing and selling APEO free products by avoiding the use of APEO surfactant, which has been known to act as an oestrogen mimic.

Our main product, Opaque Polymer, improves contamination of paint film dirt present in the air (dirt pick up) and extends the lifespan of the paint film. A further benefit of our Opaque Polymer is that it negates the requirement for the use of a high MFT binder (which also reduces dirt pick up) by replacing a part of the titanium oxide pigment which is known as a pollutant with Opaque Polymer HIQUE. This is beneficial because when MFT binders are used in water based paints, a greater amount of coalescing solvent is required, and the VOC levels in the paint are increased.

In order to improve the rheology of paint and replace the traditionally used thickeners that are derived from cellulosic material, HLC has developed two types of products: alkali swellable associative thickener (HASE Thickener) and urethane thickening agent (HEUR Thickener). Because the cellulose-derived thickeners require natural woods to manufacture, the HASE and HEUR thickeners are environmentally friendly as they reduce the destruction of forests.

As an APEO free product, our paper-coating additive Hollow Sphere Pigment reduces water contamination.

At HLC we are devoted to developing environmentally friendly products, and we strive to comply with the customer and market demand for increasingly greener materials and processes.
Customer Service
Since HLC was founded, we have established three quality goals that we practice for our customers. These goals are not only practiced at management level, but are known and achieved by all employees.

They are:
Provide consistently high quality:
Our existing customers are always prioritized over company expansion. Because our products are produced on a large scale, we take absolute care to ensure excellent quality throughout our range. All production is standardized and automated, and both raw materials and final products are always quality controlled to an exceedingly high standard.
Always meet delivery times:
We understand the requirements of our customers and partners, and we always strive to meet requested delivery dates through the continuous expansion of our production facilities.
Customers are always first:
Our experience in the industry has helped us realize that our customers needs should always be number one. We conduct all our business transactions with the spirit of 'customer first', and always make an effort to see things from the customers point of view if problems arise.
The Welfare of Company Employees and their Families

As HLC is growing progressively and entire employees are always busy, it takes more considerations on the development in welfares for employees and their families.

  • Support for Family Occasions and Benefit Packages by Departments
  • Reward for Employees in Long Service(10 years, 20 years)
  • Support for School Expenses of Employees Children in Long Service
  • Support for Leisure Life of Entire Employees (Resort Booking and Accomodation)
Social Responsibility

Although it is only a first step, we have begun to help aid certain communities and poor countries. Examples of such projects include:

  • Support for Home of St. John through donations from all our employees
  • Afterschool lessons for students at Wild Flower Town
  • Expenses for cultural activities at the Catholic Dementia Hospitall
  • Food expenses for poor children in Central Africa
  • Educational expenses for children in Bolivia