Water Retention Agent HIRET B60 & B70

Traditionally, CMC (carboxy methyl cellulose) was used as the water retention agent in the paper industry. However, in recent times, acrylic water retention agents have become more popular because cellulose is very expensive and the cellulosic water retention agent is easily degenerated by microbes and enzymes. Acrylic water retention agents have the following advantages.

  • They give a good stability across a broad alkali pH range.
  • They have a good water retention property with good thickening effects at both low and high shear rates.
  • They are resistant to attacks by microbes and their enzymes.
Physical Properties
Products Solid Content(%) Viscosity(cPs at 25℃) pH Sp/Gr(at 25℃) Ionic Charge
HIRET B60 28-30 70max 2-3.5 CA 1.05 Anionic
HIRET B70 24-26 70max 2-3.5 CA 1.05 Anionic
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