Vision and Principles
Value of Vision
Our vision at HLC is to provide excellent products at competitive prices. We hope that by continuing to follow our simple operating principles those that have served us well so far we can continue to grow with the support of our customers. We have established the direction in which we want our company to go, and have outlined our vision for the year 2019, during which we will be celebrating thirty years in the industry.

To achieve our vision for 2019, HLC has set up principles to manage our companywide aspirations, the goals of the different teams at HLC, as well as the goals of the individual HLC employees themselves. Our vision for 2019 is outlined in the following section.
Vision 2019
  • HLC will continue to develop, produce, and supply additives for water-based paint and paper, whilst maintaining a leading position in the Korean domestic market and continuing to grow as a major player in the global industry.
  • HLC will create profits and assets through its business activities, and achieve target sales and profits.
  • HLC will grow with its customers and maintain favorable relationships with those whom with we conduct business through continuous development and innovation.
  • HLC will continue to support its employees and their families by helping to improve their quality of life, providing them with a stable and supportive environment in which to work, and by making regular social contributions.
Principles of Vision
  • We will continuously generate profits through our business activities.
  • With the continued support of our customers, we will grow through long-term cooperation and innovative development.
  • We will continue to maintain industrial safety and perform healthy and environmental industrial management.
  • We will uphold our respect for the rights of our employees, while building a harmonious working atmosphere by encouraging shared principles and objectives.
  • We will continue to be able to be proud of our hardworking and conscientious employees, who pride themselves on their ability, honesty, and dedication.