Sustainable Development
At HLC, we believe that we can continue to develop and grow by studying and applying solutions that will increase our successful business activities. HLC will establish and perform the management policies necessary to meet the rapidly changing environment of which we are a part.

We seek to continue to generate company profits, while investing in the future. Throughout all our business endeavors, we aim to protect the environment, remain socially responsible, care for the welfare of our employees, and maintain a balanced and harmonious business atmosphere.
Core Business
HLC's core businesses are the water-based paint industry and the paper industry.

As additives for water-based paints, we sell Opaque Polymer, HASE Thickener, HEUR Thickener, and Dispersant. We are a leading domestic Korean company and, at present, we also export these products to forty-five other countries.

In the paper industry, we supply hollow sphere pigments for coated paper, coated paperboard, matt-coated paper, and thermal direct paper coating. Here, we occupy market shares in most domestic markets and export to three other countries. In particular, HLC mainly concentrates on the development of matt paper coating and thermal direct paper coating, as these are the areas that are growing.
Sustainability in Core Business
In recent years, HLC has followed a multifaceted strategy for sustainable growth. This strategy which incorporates global marketing, ongoing investment in our manufacturing facilities, and the development of new products enables us to estimate the continuous growth of our core business. Due to the increased cost of raw materials and the depreciation of foreign currencies, HLC had some difficulties in maintaining profit rates. However, in the face of the recent global financial crisis, we have increased sales of our core product Opaque Polymer (which is used as a substitute of Titanium Oxide).
Additionally, HLC has developed new binders for other specialty uses, and we plan to expand into new markets with these products. By 2019, we hope to have introduced our products to new markets, those outside the paint and paper industries, and we look forward to exploring these exciting new avenues.