Sustainable Management
Tasks for Sustainable Management
All chemicals are more strictly supervised and prices of raw materials fluctuate in the market. Also as focus on health and environment increases, the trend of environmentally friendly products is spreading all over the world. With a team of researchers who account for twenty-five percent of the company's employees, HLC is fully committed to doing its best to develop cost effective and environmentally friendly products, through process improvements and investment in plant and manufacturing facilities.

HLC will tackle any challenges that arise in due course with the same spirit always thinking ahead, preparing for uncertain external problems, and thinking through reasoned and considered solutions. What is more, we will maintain excellent relationships with our customers and agents now in forty-five countries with a view to expand into new markets and ultimately increase sales and profits.
Product Development & Sales Strategy
HLC has been concentrating on the development of environmentally friendly products with APEO Free and Low VOC products both now in major development. In fact, HLC has been driving toward making the majority of our products APEO Free. In the future, HLC will focus more on the development of additives and raw materials to produce environmentally friendly products.

To further our green credentials, we will continue to conserve resources, reduce wastewater from the production and save production energy as we have been doing.
Success in Sustainable Management
Although the paint and paper industries are considered to be traditional and well developed, there is no sign that the demand for paint is slowing down. What is more, even in an age where most people in the developed world own or have access to a PC, the demand for high-quality paper continues to increase, and this is particularly so for matt paper and thermal direct paper. As a partner in both these industries, HLC is expanding into the global market and extending its market share through new product development and innovation. HLC continues to grow as a small but strong company and we expect tis to last through efficient and effective management.