Environment Sector
Reduction in Discharge
  • HLC operates a wastewater recycling system, will reuse more than 90% wastewater, and will continue to monitor the amount of wastewater in comparison to overall production.
  • HLC is continuously improving processes and systems to reduce overall discharge.
Resource Conservation
  • HLC encourages proposals for resource conservation
  • HLC is especially interested in investment and process improvement for energy saving.
ISO 14001
HLC will become a leading company in making contributions to environmental conservation by realizing a companywide environmental management system. In doing so, we will observe the following environment policies.

  • HLC will obey environment related laws and other requirements to reflect the efficiency of environment management.
  • HLC will minimize contaminants and continuously improve systems through separate collection, recycling and reuse of wastes.
  • HLC will acknowledge major environmental aspects, build and practice environmental goals and detail actions, and understand the efficiency of environmental management systems through the reviews of auditors and management.
  • HLC will promote active communication with all concerned people to ensure their desires are met, as well as offering total transparency to the environmental management groups concerned.