Development of New Products
HLC R & D Center
HLC operates the subsidiary HLC Research and Development Center (HLC R&D) and continuously develops the new products. The HLC R&D center has a close relationship with local universities and colleges, especially for the technical and academic advisory channels.
Technical Consultants
Jong-Deuk Kim, Ph.D.  Surface Chemistry

  • Top Professor at Molecular and Interface Engineering Laboratory in KAIST

Chang-Geun Kim, PH.D.  Paper Industry

  • Researcher at Changgang Institute of Paper Science and Technology in Paper Science Area

Young Han Kim, Ph.D.  Processing and Automatic control

  • Professor at Dong A University
New Product Developments in Subsidiary HLC R & D Center
  • 2014
    • Development of Eco-Friendly Opaque Polymer, HIQUE 388
    • 2015
      • Development of HIQUE 382 and HIQUE 2038
      • 2016
        • Development of Hollow sphere pigment HIQUE 2070, HEUR Thickener HIRESOL 1900.
      • 2017
        • Development of HASE HISOL 500 Series